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Create Site Columns, Content Types, Bind content type to list in share point

12 Jan 2017

Document by Vairavan – enquiry@softwaretraininginchennai.com – + 919042710472

Navigate to the Site URL http://htc:7004/

Click on Site Action -> Site Settings

Click on Site Columns in Gallery.

Click on Create.
Create a Site column with column name StudentName and type as Single Line of Text. Click Ok.

Create Site column Age with Number as DataType.

Create a site column Place with Choice

Navigate to Site Action –>Site Settings
Click on Site Content Types in Gallery.

Click on Create.Create a site content type with name as StudentDetails and Parent Content Type from as
List Content Type and Parent Content Type as Item.

Click Ok.

Click on Add from Existing Site column.
Select Custom Columns in the dropdown.
Add StudentName,Age,Place to Columns to add.Click on Add.

Click Ok.
Create a Custom List as shown below.

Click on Site Action –> View All site content
Click on Create.
Select Custom List as shown.

Create a List StudentDB.

Click on Create.

Click on List settings. Click on Advanced Settings.

Change Allow Management of Content Types to Yes.

Click Ok.
Click on Add from Existing Site content Types from Content Types Tab.

Select Custom Content Types from Dropdown as shown below.

Select Student Details and Click on Add.
Click on Ok .Now the content Type will be added to List.
Now you can see both content types.

Click on Item Content Type.

Click on Delete this Content Type.

Now you can see only one Content Type associated with the List ie. StudentDetails .

Click on New item in StudentDb List.It shows StudentDetails ContentType.

Click on New Student Details link. The New form appears as below.

Click on Modify View and Add the columns to View.

Click on Ok .Now the view looks as below.

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