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CRUD operation in SharePoint using Power shell commands

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Create a List “EmployeeList” with below columns.

The List looks as below,

Create a power shell script CRUD.ps1 with below code,

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
$web = Get-SPWeb http://htc:7004/
$list = $web.Lists[“EmployeeList”]
$option = Read-Host ‘Enter Option 1.Create item 2.Update item 3.Read item’
if($option -eq 1)
#Create a new item
$newItem = $list.Items.Add()
$Title = Read-Host ‘Enter Title’
$EmployeeName = Read-Host ‘Enter Employee Name’
#Add properties to this list item
$newItem[“Title”] = $Title
$newItem[“EmployeeName”] = $EmployeeName
#Update the object so it gets saved to the list
echo ‘item updation Done’
if($option -eq 2)
#Get all items in this list and save them to a variable
$items = $list.items
$Titlevalue = Read-Host ‘Enter Title value to update’
#Go through all items
foreach($item in $items)
#If the “Title” column value equals “My first item!” do something with it
if($item[“Title”] -eq $Titlevalue)
$Title = Read-Host ‘Enter Title’
$EmployeeName = Read-Host ‘Enter Employee Name’
#Change the value of the “Title” column
$item[“Title”] = $Title
$item[“EmployeeName”] = $EmployeeName
#Update the item
echo ‘item updation Done’
if($option -eq 3)
$items = $list.items
#Go through all items
foreach($item in $items)
write-host “`n”
write-host “Title:”$item[“Title”]
write-host “Employee Name:” $item[“EmployeeName”]

Open Windows PowerShell ISE from Start menu.

If windows PowerShell ISE not found in start menu do the below steps.
Simply, go and add this feature:
add PowerShell ise: here is the steps:
Open Server Manager
2. Click the Features node
3. Click the Add Features link
4. Check the box for “Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment”.
5. Click Next, then Install
6. Wait until installation is complete
7. Open PowerShell ISE from Programs>Accessories>PowerShell folder
Open the CRUD.PS1 from File -> Open in Windows PowerShell ISE.

Output as below:
Click on the Play button.

Enter “1”

Click OK.

Click Ok.
The Output windows shows as below,

The item gets added in List as below,

Run again and select the Option “2”.

Checks for Title equals “Bing”

Now the item Bing gets updated to Google in the list.
Run the Script again and enter option “3”.

The output will be printed as below,

Click below to download the solution,