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Dot net training in Chennai

Planning a Better Career in Life with Dot Net Training Programs

Software training courses are necessary for the students who want to get better jobs in leading companies. They mainly aim at imparting the skills required for a project to complete it on time with high accuracy levels. There are different types of programs available for final year students to nourish their abilities effectively. Dot net is a software framework introduced by Microsoft that aims at enhancing the interactive capability of the websites with synchronized details. It is widely used platform for data access, cryptography, networking communication and other purposes to get desired results. Students willing to become .net expert in their life must focus on attending a training program in a reputed institute for increasing the skills efficiently.

On the other hand, identifying a coaching center is not an easy going job which requires proper research. The internet today provide methods for knowing details of the best dot net training institute in Chennai easily for selecting a course accordingly. This will help in developing the abilities of a student with professional teams for achieving better results. They even offer .net training courses with real- time projects enabling the students to achieve their goals. Most coaching centers cover modern facilities for learning lessons in a comfortable environment to focus more on their objective. In addition to that, they conduct training programs online with experienced teachers for getting more benefits. Dot net coaching is extremely useful for those who want to start a bright career in their life.

Moreover, it plays a significant role in improving the capabilities of working employees to upgrade their knowledge. Different types of programs are available for the students to select a right one depending upon the needs. The .net training in Chennai makes it possible for the freshers to sharpen their skills with highly qualified instructors. It involves various modules allowing the students to gain more exposure. Another advantage of undergoing a training course is that it gives ways for acquiring a certificate at flexible prices. The coaching programs are an ideal one for passing the interview test in reputed companies. Furthermore, they help to learn the lessons with the study materials and expert mentors by addressing essential needs.

Dot net training institute offer courses to students with flexible batch timings to ensure more advantages. It is necessary to know the syllabus and other details of a course before the joining procedure. Dot net training institute in Chennai allows the students to experience a better learning in a comfortable environment. Apart from that, it helps to carry out the tasks correctly by minimizing the errors and mistakes. Dot net course Chennai is a must one for the college students to get placed in various companies with high salaries. It is possible to evaluate the needs of students with the course for making them more effective in a project. The online courses are an ideal choice for those who want to learn the lessons in their home and other places for obtaining a certificate at the earliest.

Maria Academy – Best Dot net Training Institute in Chennai

Maria Academy is highly professionalized and experienced in providing best Dot net training courses in Chennai. Out of all other, why exactly .Net? As a platform, .Net has a lot of advantages over other platforms just like how we an edge over all others providing .Net training courses in Chennai. To list few, .Net allows multiple languages, horizontal scalability, easier interface and consistent Ul practices. With growing scope of .Net in various business functions like CRM, Supply management, Finance, having a grip on .Net is going to be a huge add on to your knowledge hub. Knowing dot net is known to double your chances of getting right into the field. With the growing competition if your hunt for best Dot net training institute has just begun, without any further hesitations, enter our premises for best dot net training and gain multiple advantages.


With training comes knowledge and with us it’s experienced and processed knowledge that is going to reach you.  We at Maria Academy are proudly holding a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty team for your best dot net training. Be it basics or ProLevel, we will always ensure you an excellent coverage and training. We are offering you a wonderful opportunity to do your .Net courses with our easily approachable and simple team who have produced brilliant results and have always ensured smoother running of all our training institutes. We believe in providing a quicker and easier understanding and aid your learning process more effectively.


We provide a complete course on dot net that prepares you to directly get on to working with dot net with ease and perfection. We also ensure you a trouble-free admission and learning process and a friendly environment for your course period. At Maria Academy your goal becomes our duty, and your betterment becomes our goal. We will tirelessly work to ensure your learning process becomes easier and fruitful for your entry into the most competitive IT field.  For best dot.net training courses and guidance instantly, feel free to reach us at our contact number.


We at Maria Academy have committed ourselves to provide best .Net training to ensure you with knowledge and experience. In this busy and huge city, our .Net training institutes are easily accessible and are located at various prime locations. Find our centres for dot net courses in Chennai here. With a very economical budget, you can easily complete your .Net course with added advantages and boost your career and multiply your chances of getting a good entry into Software field. Nothing worth comes easy, but an exception is our offer of dot net courses which comes easy Into your hands and gets your hands earn more and our hands responsible for your development. For further assistance and guidance on .Net, contact us.

MVC Training in Chennai

MVC training in Chennai has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Normally this course is designed as an 8 to 10 lecturer in a classroom session. There is a hand on lab exercises with the help of a live project which is evaluated by a trainer. To undertake this training you need to choose an institute of repute and the main point is that the learning environment has to be indeed good. They should provide you with a conducive learning environment where you can go on to understand the concepts of MVC in general. The training sessions needs to be a combination of theory and practical in details. It should be flexible and convenient as far as the timings are concerned. The course normally starts to begin with a demo view and an on student review. The instructors need to answer all the doubts of the student.

Real doting training is provided by most of the institutes in case of fresher’s to help them placed in software companies. The students are educated by the professional instructors in such a manner in the domain of Microsoft technologies so that they go on to become experts in this domain. Job assistance re provided to them so that they can stay ahead of the competition. From time to time workshops are conducted in the concept of .net technology. A good institute will not push the students into the course, and they are advised to undertake a free interactive session and then go on to decide which the best course of action is. All their efforts are channelized in the direction on how to go about fulfilling the dreams of the students.

What do you need to know about MVC in general?

MVC Training in Chennai is the best place to incorporate your skills in this domain. You can avail the services hands on of an experienced instructor and training on the latest version of MVC 5.0 is provided. In The focus is on theory and the main advantage of it over the web form is illustrated .Then one gets to know on to how to create a controller and then action. The MVC presentation has to start with some sort of diagram. When you are looking for something you tend to place a request that gets routed to a router. You need to understand the design pattern of MVC and then work on the module of ASP. NET framework and in this process, you tend to have an idea of developing lightweight web applications. You need to ensure that you have a suitable amount of walk thoughts and video tutorials as part of the program. Some of the features of this program are as follows

  • You can modulate using the areas
  • Work and develop areas that tend to be mobile compatible
  • Have a clear cut idea about the benefits of MVC design in comparison to the traditional ASP. NET web forms


To undertake the course it is suggested that prior knowledge of HTML is needed.

All About Dot Net Courses and Training available in Chennai

The .net courses are gaining in popularity and the developers have been able to create intelligent applications which can go on to integrate with other platforms within a limited time frame. Net training in Chennai has also soared the popularity charts in a big manner. Net is a concept that you would need on your windows PC to run the computer.

One of the main reasons on why you should undertake dot  net training in Chennai is because of the fact that it works out to be one of the popular programming languages that provides everything to be developed and you can go on to employ web based architectural deployment. More and more organizations are on the verge of implementing web services and .net technologies which helps to connect the business on a global platform. Another important aspect is that when you undertake dot net course Chennai you open your world of opportunities and gain employment to some of the top companies in the world.

When you undertake a dot net training institute in Chennai you will have hands on idea about the operating system, the fundamentals of programming along with the object oriented concepts. All the job aspirants who are pursuing graduation in IT or non IT stream who are looking to make the most of the job opportunities can go ahead and pursue this course. Roughly, this course spreads around 2126 hours.

To learn the, best dot net training institute in Chennai, there are some points that you need to give due consideration of sorts. Rather than rely on online training you can resort to the classroom led, instructor training. When there is a face to face interaction the focus not only improves but you are better faced to deal with employment chances. The institute that you should choose needs to have teaching staff with the proven level of experience. There should be a process where the teachers are handpicked and all their skills are tested, before they embark on the journey to provide their knowledge to the students. A good set up will undertake your periodic evaluation from time to time and you will be able to understand on where you stand currently. If you tend to miss any classes they will make arrangements that you attend the alternate classes and cover it up. In case of any doubts that might spring up, the faculty is always there to lend you a helping hand. If the situation permits you can also opt for extra classes and clear your doubts as well.

In the modern day world, with information being part and parcel of our life in a big way, choosing a good institute is an easy task. You just need to type the course name of dot net and a host of names will spring up in front of you. You need to do a research yourself and find out that in terms of value of money the course is right up there.

JQuery validation in Asp.net web application

Document by Ganesan – Ganesanva@hotmail.com – + 919042710472

Create a new Asp.net web application using File -> New Project

Solution Explorer looks as below,

Add new page AddEmployee.aspx
Put / replace the below code in AddEmployee.aspx

<html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml”>
<head runat=”server”>
<script src=”https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.12.0/jquery.min.js”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
function validate() {
if ($(‘#txtEmployeeName’).val() == “”) {
alert(‘Please enter Employee Name’);
return false;
if ($(‘#txtAge’).val() == “”) {
alert(‘Please enter Age’);
return false;
var radios = document.getElementsByName(‘Gender’);
var radioselected = ”;
for (var i = 0, length = radios.length; i < length; i++) {
if (radios[i].checked) {
// do whatever you want with the checked radio
radioselected = radios[i].value;
// only one radio can be logically checked, don’t check the rest
if(radioselected ==””)
alert(‘Please select Gender’);
return false;
if ($(‘#ddlCity’).val() == “–Select–“) {
alert(‘Please select city’);
return false;
return true;
<form id=”form1″ runat=”server”>
<table border=”0″ cellspacing=”2″ cellpadding=”2″>
<td>Employee Name
<asp:TextBox ID=”txtEmployeeName” runat=”server”></asp:TextBox>
<asp:TextBox ID=”txtAge” runat=”server”></asp:TextBox>
<asp:RadioButton ID=”rbtnMale” runat=”server” GroupName=”Gender” Text=”Male” />
<asp:RadioButton ID=”rbtnFemale” runat=”server” GroupName=”Gender” Text=”Female” />
<asp:DropDownList ID=”ddlCity” runat=”server”>
<asp:ListItem Text=”–Select–” Value=”–Select–“></asp:ListItem>
<asp:ListItem Text=”Chennai” Value=”Chennai”></asp:ListItem>
<asp:ListItem Text=”Madurai” Value=”Madurai”></asp:ListItem>
<asp:Button ID=”btnSave” runat=”server” Text=”Save” OnClientClick=”return validate();” OnClick=”btnSave_Click” />

Replace the below code in AddEmployee.aspx.cs

public partial class AddEmployee : System.Web.UI.Page
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
protected void btnSave_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Response.Write(“Saved Successfully”);

On clicking Save button ,JQuery validation Fires as below.
The Output is as below,

You can check the Jquery validation using Console in Chrome.

Click below to download the solution,

Dot Net Training Institute in Chennai

Dot net is a software program developed by Microsoft Corporation that plays a significant role in web development applications. Dot net employees are in great demand over the recent years and many companies recruit them who have undergone a training program. There are several private institutes that organize training classes for college students and working people to shape their skills effectively. However, it is necessary to identify a right one among them for developing the abilities considerably. This will help to start a bright career after completing college studies. There are several sources available for knowing the details of a coaching center in a location. On the other hand, it is essential to make a study on them from the internet for finding a institute accordingly.

Dot net training classes are extremely useful for the beginners who want to get jobs with good salaries in various fields. At the same time, it is advisable to check the prerequisites before choosing a training program. Dot net training institute in Chennai offers programs from basic to advanced levels which ultimately help students to focus more on their objectives. It provides excellent opportunities for the students to learn the lessons with latest concepts. Expert staffs and industry professionals will show ways for enhancing the skills of a student in a comfortable environment. Students can get also interact with them for knowing more about opportunities in various industries to start a bright future. Moreover, it is possible to build the skills with real time projects for getting a certificate with high grades.

Most training institutes organize full time, part time and week end classes for the students with excellent teaching faculties. Moreover, they can choose online classes to study the lessons from anywhere easily. Some even conduct seminars, workshops and conferences in order to evaluate the potentials of students. Dot net course Chennai enables the students to undergo training at affordable rates for reaching next levels. Apart from coaching, it offers job assistance services to students who have successfully finished a course. Anyone interested in knowing more about the programs can attend the introductory sessions in a center for gaining more ideas. This in turn gives ways for increasing the efficiency levels while applying for a job in a company.

It is advisable to select a best dot net training institute in Chennai that provide classes with the updated syllabus. Students can enroll their names in a training course for learning the lessons with industry experts. Fresh graduates will benefit a lot with a training program for achieving goals. One must give importance to the reviews and testimonials before joining in an institute for meeting essential requirements. The main objective of dot net course is to make students to fulfill their dreams. Another advantage is that it helps to become familiar with the applications when seeking jobs in a software company. Training fees are an affordable one enabling the students to develop their abilities with innovative approaches. Dot net training paves ways for seeking jobs in reputed companies with high salaries.

Identifying Dot Net Coaching Institutes in Chennai for Shaping the Skills

Dot net training is an essential one for those who get jobs in leading IT companies and other firms with better salaries. There are many organizations that recruit employees based on their experience and skills. Some even conduct tests for analyzing the potentials of a job seeker. It is an essential one to undergo a training program in a leading institute for shaping the potentials efficiently. However, it is necessary to find a right training center properly for choosing a course depending upon the needs. The internet is a best platform for this purpose because it helps to compare the services offered by various institutes easily. With dot net coaching, it is possible to develop the potentials to reach high levels in career.


Most training centers organize the classes based on the requirements of a person to shape his or her abilities with excellence. Besides that, they focus more on conduct the program with industry experts and live projects for achieving better results. Dot not training in Chennai is a suitable for students, job seekers and employees to develop their skills at different levels. It gives ways for learning the lessons in a comfortable environment to meet exact needs. Apart from that, it contributes a lot in augmenting the programming and other potentials with expert teaching faculties. Anyone interested in knowing more about the coaching classes can get ideas from a counselor for selecting a program which perfectly suits their requirements.


Some institutes even assist the students to apply for the jobs in reputed companies. On the other hand, it is necessary to go through the testimonials and reviews before choosing a course in a center. This will help a lot for learning the lessons in a comfortable environment. Different types of coaching programs are available for the students to augment their abilities. Dot net training institute in Chennai mainly aims at developing self confidence levels of students with different types of tasks. In fact, it gives ways for analyzing their skills with theory and practice classes. Satisfaction guarantee is the primary aim of a coaching center in Chennai while offering services to students. Online training is also available for those who want to augment their skills anywhere.


Dot net training is a perfect one for both employees and employers to complete a project with more accuracy. They can learn more about problem solving techniques to gain more benefits. It is an important one to consider certain important facts before choosing an institute. Study materials offered by the institutes are extremely useful for ensuring desired outputs when executing a new project. Many training institutes allow students to pay their fees with flexible options. Besides that, they conduct exams for the students to correct their mistakes as soon as possible. It is possible to learn more about the training programs from the internet for seeking admission into a right one. The students can undergo coaching classes in a center with the latest computer applications for meeting essential needs in the learning procedure.

Best Dot Net Training Institute in Chennai

Microsoft.net preparing can gain from your preferred dot net training institute in Chennai. The need to comprehend the general working can be clarified in this article. Microsoft confirmation matters a considerable measure when you are searching for a course like this one. The sole reason is on the grounds that the course is bit excessive and included details. You should be clear in your nuts and bolts before you dive in such confirmation. The foundation through which you plan to finish this course ought to likewise be known. One little wrong move can make enormous issues for your vocation.

Utilization of web should be possible to discover the dot net training in Chennai . There are various dot net training institute in Chennai through which you can take in this course. You have to research well concerning such prerequisites; there are sites of the establishments which offer such courses. Check these sites to know subtle elements like course information, charges, timings, choices of classes and learning. Points are imperative with regards to learning net instructional class. Check if the course has every one of the points or not, this will give you greatest inclination as far as thinking about the course.

You have to check as to notoriety in the best dot net training institute in Chennai. This should be possible when by checking the ex-understudies remarks on the site of the establishment. On the off chance that you get the chance to see negative and discourteous remarks then it’s ideal to see some other organization. Extra data can be picked up by reaching the understudies on the off chance that they have said their contact number. Each coin has two sides so it’s not going to be green the distance. Minor issues will keep on being available yet can be overlooked when your needs are set.

.net training in Chennai installment choices are likewise present when you wish to apply. On the off chance that you are making the complete installment in one go then expect some rebate on your last sum. If not this then there would be extra which can help in future learning. This sort of procedure is seen in a large portion of the .net training in Chennai.

Arrangement alternatives are likewise there that can give you the ideal help in your vocation. Finishing Microsoft.net preparing in this manner ends up being gainful and key over the long haul. You would have the ideal vocation in IT field. Continuously explore well with regards to online courses so you get most extreme advantages over the long haul.

Programming codes are not physical items. We can’t see the codes, yet the client can utilize the consequences of a running a coded program as a product application. The product applications so created have reclassified our ordinary encounters and made life so natural, be it controlling a flight or purchasing basic needs from a store. Learning dot net course chennai is along these lines a superb street to pick up livelihood and enhance a man’s vocation profile.

Looking for Dot Net Training in Chennai?

Today, dot net professionals are in great demand and many companies are willing to recruit them with high salaries. Dot net is a software framework used for a variety of applications to maintain accuracy levels. It plays a vital role in web development, communication, data access and other areas for carrying out a project work with more efficiency. There are several software training institutes that organize dot net classes for those who want to enhance their levels. On the other hand, it is an important one to evaluate them from the internet for identifying a right center accordingly. The dot net training programs mainly focus on increasing the programming, problem solving, analytic and other skills of job seekers with excellence.

It is also a suitable one for the employees to develop their abilities effectively to implement the latest techniques in the programming side. Dot net training in Chennai involves different levels that help a person to develop his or her abilities considerably. Those who want to build their career in dot net can participate in the coaching classes which help them to seek jobs in leading companies. However, the fees for the training program might vary with a center and one should know more about them for accomplishing goals in life. Dot net training institute in Chennai offers both online and classroom services for students and others to focus more on their skill sets with excellence for ensuring optimal results.

Experienced trainers will assist the students to upgrade their skills with real time projects. In addition to that, they show methods for them to become an expert in IT industry. It is possible to seek jobs in software and other industries with a best dot net training institute in Chennai for starting a bright career. Fresh graduates who come out from their college and university can benefit a lot with the training programs for meeting essential needs. Moreover, they can know the course details from the faculties to select a right program which exactly suits a student. The dot net training aims at preparing a student to overcome challenges in a project to achieve desired outputs. It makes feasible ways for increasing the efficiency levels with industry experts and workshops.

As software technologies are growing rapidly these days, it is necessary for an employee or a student to implement them in a project. Several employers give preference to candidates who have a strong technical background. Having a dot net certificate will help a person to make his or her dreams true one in the job search process. Dot net course Chennai makes feasible ways for starting a new journey with flying colors. It is a perfect choice for excelling in programming areas for meeting essential requirements. Students must read the reviews and testimonials of training institutes before selecting a training program. This will help in getting more ideas about the coaching classes for augmenting the skills with industry experts and others. Most training centers conduct training programs with study materials to learn the lessons with the latest techniques.